How To update Pico

Please name your file this way On root of pico
Please move your update to the dload folder
In your headset go to update and click update offline
Then update your system.

Please wait for the full process to go thru this means leaving your headset on to see if it was successful. if you see a dead android and fail then you know.

also if you are on china firmware and you are moving to global. please factory reset.

8 responses to “How To update Pico”

  1. Matheo Bolduco Avatar
    Matheo Bolduco

    Thanks a lot to help me updating from Chinesse to global version! The oem checker doesn’t work for me, but I was able to see I was OEM when I update USB drivers.

    So, I easily pass to 5.4 Global from the 5.4 Chinese with my Pico 4. Without your help, it isn’t the seller who’ll resolve that.

  2. Sinara Avatar

    Boa tarde
    Tenho o Pico neo 3 e atualizei para a versão 5.4.4 e a loja voltou a ser chinesa e não consigo acessar os games que comprei da loja Pico . Como faço para ter acesso a loja Pico global

  3. simone Avatar

    já tem a versão 5.4.4 ?
    Atualizei e somente a loja está em chinês. Como faço para ter a loja global ?

  4. sinara Avatar

    Hello, I have Pico Neo 3, it was the Chinese version, but I left it in the global version, but this week it asked to update and the store went back to being Chinese. The version you updated was 5.4.4, how can I make the store go back to the global store?

  5. Andreas Panayiy Avatar


    I have followed the steps as shown.

    In the pico4 I do not see the update offline tab in the head set.

    What can I try next ?


    1. owomushi Avatar

      try to look for pico update in programs or go look under settings where it tells you the version number

  6. chong xu Avatar
    chong xu

    Hello, I have a question to ask,Is the Pico version cracking program applicable to the 5.5 system version,thank

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