Pico Region Switcher

Pico switcher is broken you need to manually switch in pico

download the apk here and install open settings apk.

Password: 742687

Please enable debug if you haven’t click here

Regions Switcher downloads

February Region5.4.0 Store Download
March Region
Regions switcher ver. 5.6.0
5.5.0 Store Download
Install Usb drivers if you have not done so
Run to have access to the Global Store
click 4 to install the rest of the global features
Click 3 to switch back to the china store

This is for those who have china firmware that want to have global features

The script here is to switch the store back and forth for people in china.

This is for people with Firmware 5.x.x.

If you run a store fix on Firmware 4.x.x it will crash your pico 3 download this one

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    Smooth as butter! Thank you very much!

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