September 25, 2022

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Who is Owo mushi

This is a little background about Owo mushi.

I am from Ogden Utah. I graduated from Ogden highschool in 2001. I went on a lds mission in 2002-2004. Moved to Colorado and found a job working for Motorola.

…I stayed 5 years at Motorola:

Motorola I learned about satellite systems. Computer Networking, internet technology and many other systems like t1, dsl, and cable.

I found out that I was autistic and have social issues. But I grew up without knowing I had these issues. These issues prevented me from working normally and yet I was good it my job I couldn’t keep steady work.

Ever since I was a teenager people told me I was funny and I should be a comedian. I have a very dry Sense of humor and it would make it hard to do stand up. So I decided to create a website dedicated to articles and news I wrote myself. I had my YouTube channel for about 12 years and never got the channel to grow. So hopefully this creating my own content and building my own channel with 100% of my own content I wrote will take off.

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