November 29, 2022

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Pico 4 Virtual desktop fix for China version

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The store is broken like normal and this is bad right? well in all good fashion we have some help from china and other people who uploaded this file. i was holding back on updating this but decided to release it because 5.2.1 is so problematic

whats included is the apk which goes on the headset and goes into unknown sources or if your using pi launcher you will see it there.

1) Install VirtualDesktop_1.24.0_VTX.apk (adb or any method convenient for you).
2) Install VirtualDesktop.Streamer.Setup-1.24.exe, do not update. do not run.
3) Replace VirtualDesktop.Streamer.exe with .exe from Patch folder. Run.

- Look for a program in a helmet in the Library -> Unknown section.
- If it asks for a phone, etc. - change the region (see header). (I installed UK).
- If it asks to register / enter - register and enter (see the header).
- The program (so far) works without a patch on a PC and generally works with streamer 1.24.1, but I don’t know for how long. That's why there is a patch.

Download to Virtual desktop Fix.

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