November 29, 2022

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Enabling Debugging in Pico 3 and 4

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Well you got yourself a new vr headset and you see that the store is in a strange unknown language and you are like lets fix this store and you try to run the region unlock and the script doesn’t see the Pico. This is because debugging is not enabled.

What is Debugging you ask. Its a setting in android to allow it to communicate between the pc and android pushing commands to the device. without debug we can’t communicate to the headset to unlock the store.

Step 1: click the Settings

Step 2 Click General

Step 3: scroll down to software version and spam it till developer shows in the settings column
Step 4: Usb Debug enable it to blue.

Congratulations you have successfully made your Pico vr headset communicate to the pc.

Special thanks go to Brandeveloper for use of his screenshots.

having the written guide on enabling dev mode will help the community

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