November 29, 2022

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Pico 4 China Pui 5.2 (old method)

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The store and region switched at firmware update and the old region fix stopped working

region and store fix app thanks

The store fix in this video

Here is the video from china

Some users after doing these steps have also encountered an issue where this is what it says in the app

This is from the app I translated it using Google:

This software is effective, if it is not successful, it is updated by pico. This software is not responsible for any property damage caused by the transfer area, please use it with caution. Transfer area method: 1. Open the first button, go to open pico's area code settings, and select the area you need to transfer to. 2. Click the following three buttons in turn to install the overseas version of the replacement program. If the installation fails, open the application management of the native settings. Find the three dots in the upper right corner of the corresponding app and click Uninstall Update. If there is an error in parsing the package, try a few more clicks, or you can uninstall the update. 3. I test myself that I can register an account in the all-in-one machine, and it has been successful. 4. If you want to transfer back to the country, first set the country code back to CN, and then enter the application management to uninstall the update. 5. If WIFI cannot be connected, it may be a channel problem. Baidu, what is the channel of the corresponding country?

Here is how to uninstall the update inside the pico 4

And for the people that cant get the pui matrix to install here is the steps and guide on how to do that ill include the download link below

adb install -t -r -d com.bytedance.pico.matrix_5.0.0.apk

the pui matrix here is from pico helper 5.1

this is the apk from app in the video the one 5.2 pui

Hopefully we can get these headsets fixed and that this puts the videos in order to fix the issues we are having.

Please understand this is if everything above doesn’t work try this below

Bellow steps is thanks to Brandeveloper

Below is for the really stubborn pico 4 and you wont need to do anything but these adb commands
adb shell settings put global user_settings_initialized GB

adb shell pm clear
adb shell pm clear com.picovr.vrusercenter

adb install -t -r -d
adb install -t -r -d com.picovr.vrusercenter.apk
adb install -t -r -d com.bytedance.pico.matrix_5.0.0.apk

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  1. Hello Mushi. Do you know how I can get capacitive touch sensors working on the Pico 3 Link for SteamVR games? I would be really thankful if you can do a tutorial.

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