September 25, 2022

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New Wheels

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Today in my local paper i saw an article about a new bike wheel that will make life much easier.

these wheels will prevent theft in big cities and help keep the speed that you go at a reasonable speed.

most republicans are against the change they say that the old wheels are better and more efficent while the democrats say they want to make sure mankind doesn’t stop the progress of advancement

personally i think that the new wheels will help keep the environment safer as well. it has been proven that these tires last twice as long and doesnt wear out as fast. which is great for the planet.

Also it will take up less space in shipping the product across the states which also decreases the waste of space for shipping and environmental hit

In new york we can see that these wheels have pretty much replaced the old wheels and they are fully compatible with the old bikes and that also saves the environment for wasting instead of upgrading.

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