September 25, 2022

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Untested medicine

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we live in a time where we have so much untested medicine. It’s a great time to invest into meth on the streets of California. With the shortages and the push for untested and unregulated drugs such as the covid vaccine. The drug companies have now pushed for cheaper pain medicine. By going to the streets in California they have an unlimited supply of untested meth and other drugs.

As you know opioids on the street is a very inexpensive pain reliever. And knowing how George Floyd wasn’t killed by fentanyl but a cop. That green lit the use of these street drugs by Kaiser and Johnson and Johnson.

As we seen with the covid vaccine they didn’t really need to test it before they released injecting it into people now with the new way the medical industry is pushing untested drugs it’s a great time to push the street opioids. And it costs next to nothing since it’s so abundant on the streets.

also the state California is saving lots of money and recycling old syringes to inject these life saving pain relievers. Also just like the covid shot since it’s untested you don’t need a prescription since the drug companies aren’t liable anyway for what happens to you with the covid shot. You won’t need a prescription to get these drugs since all you need to do is pay for it.

We live in the perfect era of untested and unregulated drugs becoming available. Also they will advertise that the opioids will also fight covid so get your shots today. It’s about high time to get more drugs.

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