September 25, 2022

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Time to save water

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2021 is a huge drought and we need to conserve water and make sure we save the planet by peeing in the sink. Why this saves us water we also save on waste. When you pee in the sink you don’t have to flush and waste the water. The sink provides a way to wash your hands and flush the pee down.

According to the president of the united States he has decided to make another executive orders this is another dictator move by our president. Since we have a democrat ran congress and house it makes it hard for Biden to pass laws within his party lines.

“we need to train both little girls and boys to pee in frog urinals to conserve water…. We also need to tell little girls it’s better to be a boy and pee standing up…” Joe Biden

After some talk and mansplaining by our president shaming little girls to man up to save water is the right move. Also target has been selling gender fluid clothes to get ready for the great drought.

“Parents we need to buy a strap on for peeing for your little girls” AOC tweeted on Friday.

please do your part everyone and follow our government dictatorship and train your kids right!

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