September 25, 2022

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Customers upset at footlocker

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Customers throwing shoes at foot locker employees because they miss Payless shoes source brands and quality.

After a customer had his Chinese made nike shoe fall apart after a week. He took it to the store for a replacement. As seen in the video the sale associates told the customer they couldn’t take back his disgusting shoes because it smelt like bacon.

When I interviewed the customer that tossed his shoe at the clerk. He said he hardly wore the shoe and by the looks of the picture above he was right.

he also told me that Payless shoes source was a better store and he misses the quality of the shoes. And he could get hills and Everlasts for buy one get one.

I tried to talk to the clerk at the footlocker and I couldn’t get ahold of him. But the manager of the store told me that they don’t refund or exchange shoes for dirty poor people.

he also stated Nike has an image and they don’t want gross people to buy their products. Even though starving kids in china make the shoes.

So hopefully Walmart can step up their game and get us some better quality Chinese sweat shop shoes that we can buy to make us feel better about ourselves.

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